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TweakBuzz complies with all standard rules and regulations given by the official central government of India.

Indian consumer protection law is governed by the Consumer Protection Act 2019 (CPA), which replaces the pre-1986 Consumer Protection Act. The CPA is a comprehensive law aimed at protecting consumer interests and establishing mechanisms for resolving complaints.

Key provisions of the CPA include

Establishment of the Consumer Protection Council

The CPA establishes consumer protection councils at the central, state, and county levels to promote and protect consumer rights.

The CPA establishes a Central Consumer Protection Agency (CCPA) to investigate violations of consumer rights and take appropriate action.

The CPA establishes three tiers of consumer dispute resolution boards at the county, state, and national levels to resolve consumer complaints quickly and effectively.

The CPA recognizes six consumer rights, including protection from dangerous goods and services, the right to information about goods and services, and the right to seek redress in case of complaints.

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