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Get More Video Views: A Checklist For Effective YouTube Video Promotion

Get More Video Views A Checklist For Effective YouTube Video Promotion

YouTube has grown into a huge platform that allows content producers to share their movies with a huge audience. However, with so much rivalry, it can be difficult to increase the number of views on your videos.

But don’t worry; by using the correct YouTube video promotion techniques, you can boost your views and connect with more people. In this piece, we’ll give you a checklist for promoting your YouTube videos, as well as advice on how to advertise your channel, boost conversions, and use YouTube shorts.

Here are some popular ways to increase YouTube views in less time

Know your Audience

Youtube itself states they do not have any particular algorithm that promotes your video until you can’t grab the attention of the audience. It’s better if you understand your targeted audience and make optimized content.

What you cater to your audience affects your reach proportionally, making content on trendy and useful topics will make you stand out. It all depends on the audience whether they decide to watch for longer or ditch you and move forward.

Irrespective of mass subscribers of other channels your video will be more discoverable if your content is more trendy and relatable to the audience. It’s always better to make content more relatable and relevant to an audience.


If you have made content that is discoverable and has the potential that can break the internet with millions of users but still lacks that attention. This is because you have not drafted your description box creatively and missed basic points.

Youtube understands or reads your content from your description box. Now, it becomes imperative to inform youtube about your content, so it can recommend in feeds of all audiences that can relate to you.

Writing compelling descriptions, so the audience gets attracted through, 50 words and lets viewers hit on ‘more’. You appropriate and trendy keywords in the first 50 words, not only on youtube but through Google most people get Youtube conversions through this. You can use some paid tools or navigate through the search section and find which keywords have brought the volume of traffic.

Thumbnail & titles

While browsing users first get caught by your thumbnails or titles, so another step is to make it compelling content. According to reports, 90 percent of the audience uses customized attractive thumbnails.

Always keep changing your thumbnail fonts and colors, thereby you can decide which template is accepted by the audience. Do not make it complicated thumbnail use readable font size, and colors that do not blend with Youtube’s interface.

The title should be accurate and completely descriptive, don’t exceed the length as the complete title is visible. Use numerals in representing the years or other numbers related to your video or you can add brackets, such small techniques help you earn a huge volume.


‘One and One makes eleven’ This proverb is common and it is true in the world of digital worlds also. The best way to communicate with an audience of similar interest is to collaborate and makes fused content among you.

Most creators try to outreach as many content makers to make a collab or promote a youtube video. Find creators in your niche and reach out to them about collaborating on a video or series of videos. This can help expose your content to a new audience and introduce your channel to potential subscribers.

Paid advertising

YouTube offers several features that can help promote your videos and increase your views. These include paid advertising, cross-promotion on other social media platforms, and using YouTube’s end screens and cards to promote your other videos and playlists.

This can help improve your ranking on YouTube’s search results and recommendation algorithm, ultimately leading to more views and subscribers. Moreover, you can reach out personally to individuals or any famous channel that has a potential audience and can increase your CTR.

Paid advertising and the promotion of the YouTube channel are not limited to this, you can use embedded links, that are provided by Youtube, to share in blogs or any other platform to redirect.


In recent times, YouTube has introduced a community feature that allows creators to interact with an audience in another way. It includes all features except video from creating polls and keeping update the audience about the creator’s upcoming projects.

It is a very similar concept related to any other social media platform that includes posting images with captions. Most creators use community posts to give insight into their behind-the-scenes.

Creative marketing agency

A digital marketing company can help content producers get more hits and connect with more people. A digital marketing firm can like TweakBuzz assists with video search engine optimization, compelling thumbnail, and title creation, and social media strategy development.

They can offer insights into the kinds of content that are connecting with your audience, which can help you modify your approach. You can take your material to the next level and reach a larger audience than you could on your own by working with a digital marketing agency.


In conclusion, you need to take a multifaceted strategy for promoting your YouTube video. Utilize YouTube Shorts, work with other YouTubers, use YouTube Ads, share your video on social media, and optimize it for search. You can make your video more visible, attract more views, and boost your YouTube conversions by using the guidelines below.