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The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console in 2023

If you are a Business owner or experienced digital marketing agency, who is looking for increasing website’s performance, then you should learn about Google Search Console. It is a free open-source or free web-based tool that helps website owners with SEO and rankings of their respective domains.

In this article, you will learn about Google Search Console 2023, we will dig up into what is Google Search Console, its benefits, and how it boosts your growth in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What exactly is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free web-based tool provided by Google that helps website owners and SEO professionals monitor and analyze their website’s performance on search results.

Google console provides you with detailed insights into how your website has been crawled by google and any issue related to your visibility at the search engine.

How to Use Google Search Console?

To use Google Search Console, you need to first verify your website’s ownership. This can be done by adding a verification code to your website’s header or by uploading a verification file to your website’s root directory. Once your website is verified, you can access the various features and tools provided by Google Search Console.

Here are the top features of Google console and how to use them:


The most basic feature and also most useful, it shows various reports based on different parameters of Search Engine Optimization. Google mainly classifies performance into three categories: search, news, or Discover.

Based on search it gives analytics of impressions, clicks, CTR, and average position.

  • Impressions
    These numbers are all about how many people have viewed your link to a webpage or website in listed services of google, i.e search, discover, or news. In other languages how many people have given you a look down on the street?
  • Clicks
    It tells about how many people clicked your link or visited your website through your URL. In other words, it is how many people have approached you after looking at you.
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
    It is the ratio of clicks to impressions. It informs accordingly, CTR is high then the content is more valuable to audiences.
  • Average positions
    It is the average ranking of someone’s web pages in Google search results for a specific keyword or search query.

You can access all such details by day, date, or time to have precise information about the performance of a website.


The coverage section provides information about any errors or issues that may be affecting the search engine visibility of your website. You can check to see if your website has any indexing issues, crawl errors, or security issues.

To use the coverage feature, go to the left-hand menu and select the “Coverage” tab. You can see an overview of your website’s coverage from this page.

Links Report:

This section of the Google search console gives you a complete briefing about backlinks to your website. The website that contains your links or website that has your links. After all, the number of backlinks is directly related to the domain authority of any website.

There are two types of links, external and internal links. External are those links that are embedded in other sites, such links are hyperlinked in the content of another site’s webpage. At the same time, internal links are to connect pages within the website.

Links report helps us to know whether someone unknown authority has embedded links, we can disavow from spam websites, and links shared are giving you fruitful results. Internal links are given that google crawler should grow through that individual’s web pages too.

Manual action:

A manual action report is used to inform the website owner if he is complying with the laws of google. If someone’s site is affected by manual action, it’ll notify the search message center.

In manual action, it can be a particular web page or entire website that can be omitted from search engines. Sometimes bad or irrelevant results to search results and worthy content get buried underneath them.

You can save yourself from manual actions by clicking on “Learn more” and resolving issues. By solving manual actions you can soon gain considerable ratings.

Benefits of Google Search Console:

Google Search Console allows you to monitor your website’s performance on Google search, identify and resolve issues that may be affecting your website’s search engine visibility, and improve your website’s search engine visibility through a variety of enhancements. Using Google Search Console’s insights, you can optimize your website’s content and structure to improve search engine rankings, attract more organic traffic, and achieve greater online visibility.

Google Search Console can assist you in avoiding penalties by informing you of any manual actions taken by Google against your website for violating Google’s webmaster guidelines. You can ensure that your website complies with Google’s webmaster guidelines and avoid manual actions that can negatively impact your website’s search engine visibility by monitoring its performance on Google search and resolving any issues.


This was your ultimate guide to success by following the above tips. This google search console guide is necessary for any SEO expert or website owner. By using the various features and tools provided by Google Search Console, you can improve your website’s search engine visibility, attract more organic traffic, and achieve success in search engine optimization.