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The best image libraries: Free Vs Paid

The best image libraries Free Vs Paid

Image libraries contain vast collections of photos appropriate for your next project, but you are stuck on how to choose the best one. Don’t worry we have got you covered in this article you will learn about the best free image libraries, free stock image libraries, and royalty-free image libraries.

Looking for photos of high quality for school projects, social media posts, blogs, and all other projects, but there are overwhelming options online. The following list contains free and paid sites from which you can download stock footage according to your requirement.

Free Image Libraries

In this best image libraries are listed which have millions of photos at no cost. This website contains images of all types and the best part is that they are free and requires no attribution. These are good for personal projects or where there is no restriction on copied content. These do not have any licenses or fees.

  • Unsplash
    It is one of the most trusted platforms where you can download a range of photos. The collection is so wide that it contains over 3 million photos and caters to almost every topic. Therefore, make it easier and more convenient to choose all kind of photos on a single platform.
  • Pexels
    This is another source yet compact as the previous one. It also stores millions of photos and images. Every day they update their website with the latest stock or libraries, make easier to download all trending photos and videos. They are in business since 2014 and empowering photographers and creators, thus helping the targeted audience to download photos of their concern.
  • Pixabay
    It is another leading website that is providing its services in stock footage and royalty-free libraries. On this platform, there are over 2 million photos that contain a range of subjects such as nature, humans, sports, and all other categories. You can navigate in website using various filters according to requirements.
  • Burst
    Shopify, a well-known e-commerce company, produced Burst, a free picture library. Burst provides a huge selection of premium photographs that are ideal for both private and professional tasks. Burst’s collection of photographs with a business theme is one of its distinctive qualities, making it a valuable tool for startup founders and small business owners.

Paid Image Libraries

The following list contains all types of websites that have some restrictions to full curtailment. The royalty-free image libraries give a sense of professionalism than free stock libraries and are also curated with high quality. Therefore, they have some mandatory attributes or a limited number of downloads.

The following websites are ideal for freelancers, businesses, and agencies. Ideally, they have a decent budget and are ready to upgrade to premium for their projects. Some websites like iStock or Shutterstock unlock huge libraries containing high-end footage perfectly fitting your business projects.

  • Shutterstock
    One of the most well-known and often-used web resources for royalty-free images is Shutterstock. There are more than 350 million pictures, movies, graphics, drawings, and musical compositions available on it. You have the option to browse collections put together by Shutterstock or other users, search by keyword, filter by media type, orientation, color, size, etc. With a one-time cost per image or a monthly subscription price to access the library, you can download and use any image for either personal or professional reasons.
  • iStock
    This is another professional stock library where you have premium and non-plagiarism content. Either you have to pay a one-time fee per image or you can adopt the various subscription plans. It too gives you all sorts of content like photos, videos, vectors, illustrators, and much more.
  • Adobe Stock
    Adobe Stock caters to over 200 million images, videos, illustrations, and even music. The main advantage of Adobe Stock is that it provides the best 3-D stock footage and templates that make your project even more professional and dynamic. It too has pricing according to per image and subscription plans.
  • Other libraries have millions of footage for your next upcoming projects. Flaticon, Depositphones, Freepik, and Vecteezy add to the list.

Make sure before downloading any footage from free stock image libraries and royalty-free image libraries that reading the terms and conditions. As every company keeps changing its policies for the benefit of the company and its customers. Some websites might include some royalty or attributes, if these are not followed and then you might get in some legal trouble.


You can get the ideal images for your purposes thanks to the many top-notch free picture banks that are online. The list of the top free image libraries above offers everything you need, whether you’re seeking royalty-free image libraries, business-related images, or high-quality stock photos. You may improve the visual attractiveness of your website or marketing materials without spending a fortune by utilizing these free image libraries. Explore these free image libraries now, and start producing eye-catching visuals for your content right away.